Awareness Program

Environment Friendly Stove Project

Integrated Society for Rays of Hope (RISH) is successfully implementing Environment friendly Stove Program in its  Sunamgonj and Mymensingh areas with technical assistance of German Technical Cooperation (GIZ).As a result fuel cost become half of the targeted peoples in working areas.

Women and Child Trafficking's  Prevention Project

Integrated Society for Rays of Hope (RISH) has rendered services in collaboration with Khan Foundation at frontier Haluaghat Upazila under Mymensingh district. RISH organize workshop with different occupational bodies on trafficking and providing services through mobile hot link

Free Basic Legal Aid Support Project

Integrated Society for Rays of Hope ( RISH)  is providing free basis legal aid support to helpless, poor women and men in its working areas with assistance of Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust (BLAST) and Bangladesh Jatio Mohila AynJibi Samity from 2007 to till now.

Disaster Preparedness and Management Project

Disaster preparedness and management is one of the most important activities of the organization, because, the working areas all disaster prone as the areas are situated very near to the Garo hills and Meghaloya of Asam.Flash flood and flood every year hit the areas seriously. So, the organization imparts awareness building, preparedness and management training for the group members and the community people. So, far a total 1,70,000 people have been made aware and provided training to 3210 group leaders, who discussed in the groups.

Environment Development and Social A Forestation Project

RISH has especial program on environment development. So, it has been implementing nursery development, homestead plantation, community plantation, awareness raising, reducing chemical use, fertilizer use, developing composts, regenerative agriculture, reducing plastic use etc. activities with the support of DAE, forest department  and own fund. So far it has planted 5, 25,000 saplings and developed 335 nurseries. It has also been arranging seminars, workshops, processions etc. on environment promotion and encouraging the community people to promote environment friendly goods and utilize.

Legal Awareness building on Women and Child Right Project

RISH Legal Aid Programmes is set up to achieve the objectives of Spreading legal knowledge in the society in the society about women's rights and privileges. Educating women on laws of inheritance, dowry, marriage, and on property and other rights. Educating women on court procedure of cases and on organizing and settling disputes through arbitration and mediation. Supporting court cases. One of the objectives of Legal Aid programmed is to develop one member as a legal cadre    in each group. Group discussions on the relevant laws, particularly the Family Ordinance Acres, Harland and Labour Laws. So far the Programmed has supported court cases. Legal Cadres keep constant contact with the  Legal Aid Programmed. Not only the groups, the poor and the oppressed people of the area seek assistance from the organization, and it always extends its supports to the victims of social injustice. This project Supported by BNWLA.

Election monitoring/Observation/Voter awareness program:

Integrated Society for Rays of Hope ( RISH)  worked on voter awareness, voter registration and election observation activities for 9th parliamentary election funded by Asia Foundation and Election Working Group (EWG).Having approval from Bangladesh Election Commission, RISH is implementing election monitoring, voter awareness and observation activities funded by Election Working Group and its collaborative organizations-IED, Manobic Sahazzo Sangstha, BAMASOP, Khan Foundation and RISH own fund in different Upazila of Mymensingh,  Kishorgonj , Sunamgonj and Netrokona district.

Tobacco Control program

Being a member of Bangladesh tobacco control alliance and with financial assistance from Work for Better Bangladesh (WBB Trust), Integrated Society for Rays of Hope ( RISH)  is implementing Tobacco Contrl Act-2005 in its working areas. Integrated Society for Rays of Hope ( RISH) is implementing mass awareness activities according to decision of District and Upazila Tobacco Control Task force committee with a view to make smoking free of public place and public transport. Beside this, RISH is continuously doing campaign providing leaflets, sticker, sign board and setting up bill board on smoking free area. Also, RISH is working with local administration of different Upazila to form Tobacco Control Task force committee.


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